Awards Category 2023

The Digital Media Awards China 2024 aims to celebrate outstanding work in promoting products and services across the Greater China region.

Categories have been chosen to reflect the growing maturity of digital marketing for agencies and companies to showcase their best digital work. Projects and Campaigns can be entered by vertical sector under the Industry Excellence Awards and by type of media engagement under the Media Awards.

The same campaign can be entered into multiple media categories but can only be entered into one industry excellence category.

The Industry Excellence Awards celebrate the best product or service within the specific industry sector.

The Media Awards Highlight the achievement of the digital medium used.

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Industry Excellence Awards

IMPORTANT NOTE: In categories with 3 or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze; this may result in no trophies being awarded in a category depending on the quality of entry and final judging scores. All winners' trophy credits will be in English as published.

  • S01. Transportation and Automotive

    Automobile, vehicle parts, and transport vehicles (trains, taxis, and buses).

  • S02. Beauty & Cosmetic

    Cosmetics and toiletries, hair and fragrances, hair and nail salons, day spas, and skin care.

  • S03. Alcoholic Beverages

    Beer, champagne, liquor, wine, and wine coolers

  • S04. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

    Soft drinks, sparkling and still water, juices, milk, tea, and coffee

  • S05. Corporate and Professional Services

    Corporate-related services, accounting, consulting, and legal services.

  • S06. Delivery Services

    All types of delivery services such as food, drink, household essentials delivery, courier services, flower/gift delivery, freight, and shipping.

  • S07. Consumer Products/Services

    FMCG, consumer goods such as sportswear, toothpaste, paper, andtextiles. Services include but are not limited to household cleaning andchildcare.

  • S08. E-commerce

    B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer).

  • S09. Education and Training

    Educational institutions, training programmes, educational books, job career fairs, and schools/service providers.

  • S10. Electronic Products

    Mobile phones, smart home appliances, game consoles, beauty appliances, AR and VR devices, and sound systems.

  • S11. Energy and Petroleum

    Electricity, oil, gasoline, and gas.

  • S12. Fashion, Watches, and Jewellery

    Clothing & footwear, eyewear, accessories including jewelry, and bags.

  • S13. Finance, Banking, and Insurance

    Financial and insurance services. Banking includes services and products, credit cards, mortgages and funds, and related professional services.

  • S14. Food/Confectionary/Restaurant

    All types of restaurants, fast food, casual and fine dining, bakeries, snacks, ice cream, sweets & chocolates, fruits, vegetables, fresh packaged, and frozen food.

  • S15. E-Sports and Gaming

    All types of games, electronic/video games, online and computer games, E-sport, virtual reality, arcades, single and multiplayer board games.

  • S16. Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

    Healthcare & pharmaceutical services and products.

  • S17. Home Furnishing and Appliances

    Furniture and home accessories, household and kitchen appliances, TV, air-conditioning, paint, wallpaper, and carpeting

  • S18. Household Products/Supplies

    Household essential products and supplies such as cleaning products – dishwashing, laundry, floors, bathroom, hygiene, food care, sundries, dusting and polishing, fabric softeners, and detergents

  • S19. Media and Entertainment

    The film, radio, print, television networks/broadcasters, arts, movies, shows, news, music, streaming, and apps.

  • S20. Pet Care

    Pet food, pet toys, veterinary care, pet training, and breeders.

  • S21. Public Sector

    Public services, NGOs, NPOs, utilities, and libraries.

  • S22. Retail Store

    Department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores (furniture, books, toys), outlets, and warehouses.

  • S23. IT and Telecommunication

    IT-related products and services including software, hardware, internet services, wireless communication, and information technology.

  • S24. Travel, Tourism, and Leisure

    Hotels and resorts, air travel, airlines, tourism, amusement/theme parks, sports games, bikes, and car rental.

Media Awards

IMPORTANT NOTE: In categories with 3 or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze; this may result in no trophies being awarded in a category depending on the quality of entry and final judging scores. All winners' trophy credits will be in English as published.

  • M01. Best Digital Media Innovation

    Awarded to the campaign that uses existing or newly created digital media in fresh and innovative ways to explore new channels of communication and achieve marketing success.

  • M02. Best of E-Commerce Campaign

    This category recognises the campaign that delivers an e-commerce solution/strategy that drives business growth through the digital / O2O platform delivering a seamless customer experience. The innovative solution applied should demonstrate how the campaign added value and met business objectives for existing or new businesses.

  • M03. Best Gamification

    Awarded for the campaign that incorporates creativity and innovative gaming elements into marketing strategies to improve brand experience and customer engagement. Entries should demonstrate how brands use gamification to drive customer engagement and influence consumer behavior to build customer loyalty.

  • M04. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign

    This category recognises the best holistic campaign across at least three channels, two of which must be digital media platforms, as the key engagement driver to achieve marketing objectives. Entries should showcase the seamless synergy of the campaign elements on strategy, innovation/creativity, execution, and proven results.

  • M05. Best Mobile Campaign

    Awarded for the best use of the mobile platform, which includes advertising campaigns and applications, to create a measurable impact. Mobile use could refer to all types of advertising that can be accessed on mobile phones, tablets, PDAs, Blackberries, etc., including SMS, MMS, miniprograms, and in-app campaigns.

  • M06. Best O2O Marketing

    Awarded to the campaign that creatively and effectively uses the online-to-offline (O2O) strategy to reach customers at all touchpoints to drive engagement and sales. Demonstrate how the campaign was optimized, targeted, and engaged the audience, improving customer experience, and increasing brand awareness

  • M07. Best Out-of-Home

    Awarded to the best out-of-home (OOH) campaign that builds brand awareness/ repositioning and communicates the brand purpose to deliver quantifiable goals. Entries demonstrate the creativity and innovation of the OOH media that drive effectiveness and provides tangible ROI results.

  • M08. Best Performance Marketing

    This award recognises the campaign that best demonstrates a consistent ability to translate consumer intentions into revenue for brands, the effective use of intention-based media (e.g., search, social) to deliver results; along with exceptional execution; and consistent use of measurement and attribution to measure media ROI and business impact.

  • M09. Best Pandemic Response

    Awarded for the best pandemic response campaign that was executed using innovative technology, various digital mediums, and platforms to enhance and demonstrate how the brand reacted to the crisis whilst maintaining core brand value and achieving business success.

  • M10. Best SEO/SEM Campaign

    Awarded for the best use of search marketing to create a measurable impact. Tactics could include search engine optimization and/or paid search. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and industryspecific vertical search engines.

  • M11. Best Social Media Campaign

    Awarded to the campaign that uses social networks and community sites most effectively and creatively to reach target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives set during the review period.

  • M12. Best Use of Content

    This award recognises the best use of content that drives the brand’s message to the audience effectively. Entries that demonstrate the effectiveness of the content and contribute to the overall marketing strategy that elevated brand awareness.

  • M13. Best Use of Data

    This category recognises the innovative and effective use of research, data planning, measurement, and analytics tools to develop a creative idea and how these shaped the marketing strategy.

  • M14. Best Use of Influencer

    Awarded to the most effective, creative, and innovative campaign that drives the brand’s message through any type of influencer, such as KOL/KOC, in achieving its marketing objectives with proven results on ROI that drives engagement to achieve success.

  • M15. Best Use of Interactive Media Awarded

    to the campaign that uses any type of interactive media to improve marketing strategies and achieve its goals. This can be videos, animations, online gaming, and interactive use of text and graphics that demonstrate strong visual impact and resonate with the targeted audience to forge influential brand experiences.

  • M16. Best Use of Live Streaming

    Awarded to the campaign that has successfully combined creativity, innovation, and technology to stream an event live (including pre-recorded videos streamed live) to their audience. Entries should showcase the various technologies and platforms used to showcase and highlight the campaign and how the audience was engaged with their target audience, enhance brand awareness, and meet business objectives.

  • M17. Best Use of Programmatic

    This award recognises the best use of programmatic that has most effectively developed and enhanced the programmatic trading performance and made the biggest impact on the brand’s business. Evidence of excellent audience targeting, insights and data analysis skills, and evidence of ROI. Client testimonials will be required as support material.

  • M18. Best Use of Real-Time Marketing (NEW)

    Awarded to the campaign that effectively engages the target audience based on real-time information, and uses data reported to instantaneously respond and communicate with the audience to generate business results. Entries should show evidence of how time-sensitive content increases the effectiveness of brand awareness, as well as results reflecting the KPIs achieved through real-time customer engagement.

  • M19. Best Use of Short Video (NEW)

    Awarded to the campaign that most effectively uses short video in capturing target audiences through selective platforms, resulting in high engagement, brand awareness, and data insights to help achieve ROI. Entries should show how they successfully used short videos in their campaign or strategy. Evidence may include content effectiveness, tangible results, impact, and innovative or creative thinking.

  • M20. Best Use of Technology

    Awarded to the campaign that successfully leveraged technology to engage the targeted audience making a positive impact. Evidence of the technology used and how you have incorporated the technological innovations to create buzz, deepen audience engagement, and enhance customer experience.

  • M21. Best Use of Website & Apps

    Awarded to the campaign that best uses of website/APPS to deliver outstanding user experience and improve customer engagement as part of an overall marketing communications strategy.

Digital Media Owners Awards

IMPORTANT NOTE: In categories with 3 or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze; this may result in no trophies being awarded in a category depending on the quality of entry and final judging scores. All winners' trophy credits will be in English as published.

  • DM01. Best Use of Integration

    This category recognises media owners that utilise multiple digital media channels as key engagement drivers and achieve proven results. The winner of this category must have combined two or more platforms demonstrating effective use of the mediums creatively and engagingly for great results

  • DM02. Most Innovative Media Technology

    This category recognises the most innovative advertising technology developed or initiated by media owners. Entries should demonstrate how this technology increases audience engagement and how the technology has been applied to meet the overall marketing objectives.

People & Company Awards

IMPORTANT NOTE: In categories with 3 or fewer entries, the judging scores will decide whether an entry is awarded a Gold, Silver, or Bronze; this may result in no trophies being awarded in a category depending on the quality of entry and final judging scores. All winners' trophy credits will be in English as published.

  • P01. Best Digital Marketing Team

    Awarded to an agency or in-house team using digital channels and tools to build brand awareness and sales conversion. Demonstrate how to use measurable analytics to improve performance throughout the customer’s lifecycle across all touchpoints.

  • P02. Digital Media Innovator of the Year

    Awarded to all types of companies that demonstrate the most innovative and strategic use of media to obtain consumer insights, reach a target audience, influence consumer behaviour, and ensure the client or brand delivers results against the set marketing and business objectives.

  • P03. Digital Strategist of the Year

    Awarded to an individual who demonstrates creativity and oversees the execution of a plan through specific initiatives to meet the objectives of the strategy. The Digital Strategist will also help cross-functional teams develop and evolve ideas to bring together brand goals and objectives and consumer needs, spotting trends and technologies that play a role in consumers’ lives.

Special Awards

**This category cannot be entered directly.**

  • Platinum Award

    The judges will decide and present this ultimate accolade to the most outstanding amongst the Gold winners, with a minimum of 2 wins including ONE in Industry Excellence and ONE in Media categories.

  • Agency of the Year

    This award will be given to an individual agency office that obtains the highest aggregated score, with a minimum of 2 Gold wins, followed by Silver and Bronze. Points allocation is as follows: Gold – 10 points Silver – 8 points Bronze – 6 points