Cruising to the Dream Performance

Dream Cruises has been suffering from perception of elderly retired clientele. In order to transform the image of “old and boring” to “young and energetic”, we created a 360 digital approach which aims at growing direct online booking. By incorporating insights derived from various data points, we further expanded the business to international markets and maximized opportunities across seasonality.

Unlike historical set-up of cruises, we shifted the direction of creative messaging from merely offer-driven to feature-based. We applied learnings from users’ interests, behavioral traits, and CRM to customized creatives for different targeted countries and segments. We also ran media more innovatively to educate the younger generation that cruise is not a usual transportation, but a destination with fun and entertainment.

As result, we rejuvenated the image of Dream Cruises. This eventually led to a result of revenue increasing by 119% YoY and transactions from Age 25-34 increasing by 440% YoY.”