Crunching sound drives eCommerce boom

Potato chips are an impulse buy, driven by in-store promotions. However, eCommerce has made consumers go less in-store, so how can Lay’s drive purchase in the online era?

Impulse buys result from craving, triggered by mouth-watering visuals or fresh aroma.

For potato chips, the most potent sensory signal is sound: cracking of crisp chips.

But how can Lay’s amplify this sound? Traditional media has declined among consumers while social media has been cluttered. Standing out on social has been more demanding.

Humour is a winner on social campaigns.

Hence, Lay’s connected sound to humour – creating the auditory version of an infectious yawn.

We created a Lay’s challenge on China’s top social challenge platform: Douyin, China’s fastest growing app.

The task: share a short video using a pre-made monologue highlighting the sound of chips. Users lip-synced to the script while biting into a Lay’s chip.

We enlisted a top voice actor to create the hilarious monologue, and then invited comedians and influencers to create samples – inspiring fans to do the challenge.

The challenge went viral, and the campaign drove the biggest contribution to the brand’s eCommerce.