Dare to become

Nike wants toinspire and enable young Chinese footballers to fulfill their footballing potential, and turn the focus on to Nike during the World Cup.

We launched our brand message at the Quarter Final weekend, owning the media world of Chinese teenager footballers for 3 full days. We dominated SOV on social, football and youth lifestyle apps, short video platforms.

The power of our moment, media, and message working together inspired our target with a dream. But we also wanted to allow them to start realizing their potential.

Our idea was to enable young footballers to capture and share their goals using every-day mobile tech, specially installed cameras, and a partnership with UGC platform Weishi. Over 4,600 goal videos were shared, generating 99million views.

Our Dare to Become campaign delivered 500M+ total campaign impressions, including 264M video views, and reached 83% of our audience.

Despite Adidas spending 7X Nike’s media spend, our launch burst drove a 2.5X Baidu search uplift for the brand, also lifting search interest far above Adidas’s highest point during the tournament.