Deep Fake: You the Action Hero

How do you refresh a legacy brand in the mind of younger Chinese consumers, in a market facing turbulent sales volumes? This campaign blended a common marketing challenge with a very uncommon, media first solution.

The problem was a classic. The VW China brand has been one of the firs International automotive brands in China, but younger Chinese adults considered VW and their flagship Toureg SUV a brand ‘not for them’, not to mention sold in less than 1% of all China’s car dealerships.

A refresh was in order, and our solution was to design China’s first AI face-swapping interactive video to allow star gazing fans of an action hero to put themselves directly into a Fast & Furious Style car chase scene.

The campaign was not only innovative, but it attracted wide earned media attention to VW, and was instrumental in rebuilding Touareg’s image among consumers.