Hakuhodo Hong Kong Limited

As a latecomer of the fast-fashion brand in Hong Kong, it is essential for GU to draw the attention of the public, especially aged between 18 and 25. By understanding their entertainment habits, the digital channel will be the most suitable communication strategy to approach them with significant elements.

People listen to various types of music and carry different styles as an identity of themselves with attitudes. Blending them together, ‘Jam Your Fashion Music’ is developed to offer unique gaming experience and demonstrate the products.

‘Jam Your Fashion Music’ allows audience to mix & match the fashion items and create their music tracks. This platform develops a digital environment for the audience to express themselves with ‘Freedom’. By sharing the music and fashion among people, it builds up the game engagement and connection with GU at social media.

To maximize the reaction of the campaign, diversified digital media platforms have been adapted with the celebrity endorsement. We successfully established a chic & fun image for GU and communicated a distinct proposition to GU’s target market.