Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

In order to attract the old fans of “Hotel Transylvania” back to the cinemas and win the new audiences’ hearts during the competitive summer vocation season, we partnered with Oath to create the 1st mobile-Web AR game campaign in Taiwan to breakthrough the technical issue for users to get the cruise tickets to join the adventure with Hotel Transylvania 3. This campaign is also the 1st mobile-Web AR game case for Oath Asia.

Moreover, we designed “pop-up online customer service”. The movie character, Dracula, became a travel service specialist to give users advice for summer vacation.

Integrated with Oath Targeting techniques, we exposed the “Online Customer Service” advertising banner on travel, movie and life boards to connect with our target audience.

By creatively applying AR mobile technology and customer service online game, we automatically transported users into an interactive experience where they even forgot that they were watching advertisements.
Not only did our campaign fully engage our target audience, but we also grabbed their attention and motivated them to take a trip to their local theater and watch the movie. Ultimately, “Hotel Transylvania 3” surpassed all the media KPIs and the box office transcend the previous 2 installments.