Life-space is a small size premium probiotics brand from Australia, bringing new concept of probiotics supplement to China market. It entered China through ecommerce channels in 2016. In 2 years, it grew to be the number 1 probiotic brand on Tmall.

The Fact: Probiotic yogurt is a well-known concept in China, and consumers would drink it every day.

The Truth: Probiotics contained in probiotic yogurt are limited in number, and can hardly reach or survive in intestines.

As the leader of probiotic supplement market, Life-space hopes to let Chinese consumers know what probiotic supplement is and what its benefits are.

We come up with the creative idea of “1 vs 10,000”. We are to break the wrong perception of probiotic yogurt, and tell the consumers taking 1 bottle of Life-space product equals to drinking 10,000 bottles of probiotic yogurt.