LEO Digital Network

Founded in 2014, LEO Digital Network (LDN) expanded quickly through mergers-and-acquisition to include 12 subsidiaries in just 3 years, with the vision to become the world’s leading digital network. The network is headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Nanjing. It now has brought together over 1500 professionals from various backgrounds organized across four business units: Amber Group, arkr GROUP, LDN Media Group and LDN Diversified Group.

LDN, as the first local agency network, unveiled its “Reshape Communications” strategy, the core of which is to create a “Digital-Driven Business Transformation” integrated service model that are consumer-centric, data-enabled and content-targeted, effectively combining digital strategy & data, digital creative, digital media, internet traffic, smart TV, social & entertainment content and e-commerce to provide closed loop holistic digital transformation solutions and achieve a “1+1>2 effect”.

Shortly after its founding, in 2017 LDN went from 0 to #1 media attention, #1 awards wins and #1 market value compared to 10 key competitors in China. Also, LDN as the only local agency network got shortlisted of Campaign Asia’s Agency of the Year “Greater China Integrated Agency of the Year”.