MediaCom Hong Kong

Briefly entering his 4th year of media agency career, Bert always sees himself as an integrated planner instead of a digital or offline person. To Bert, it is always about business and consumer – digital should not be treated as a media channel singled out, but instead a consumer trend and an opportunity to help bridge up different marketing sectors. Bert has strong beliefs in this and try to get better in planning by constantly expanding his digital knowledge.

Bert has built himself a good foundation of digital knowledge over the years and believe better understanding in execution would help to bring a more solid strategic planning and better results. Currently Bert is actively supporting the programmatic and performance media planning of both his team and his client, and positive results are being seen. Under a market which strives for advancements in measurement and digital transparency, pushing for market standards and better business models is another vision of Bert, with cases starting to take off and shine.