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The main consumer barrier for buying a maternal milk was that it was deemed a non-necessary item. During the first trimester is an exciting yet daunting time for mums to be when she is trying to keep the good news to her close family only. She actively searches for information on who to trust for advice, what to prepare for and importantly how to make sure her developing baby is healthy. However, there was no major credible source providing scientifically proven advice and support in a one-stop-shop.
Anmum wanted to demonstrate to expectant mums that they understood her and all the amazing things she does for her baby. We created hong kong’s first-ever maternal nutrition platform – a one-stop shop for savvy expectant mums. All the nutritional information was developed by qualified dieticians and covered both dining out and home cooking for the different stages of pregnancy, with over 100 nutritional yet tasty diet guides, covering both Western & Asian cuisines. With just a few clicks, users could get personalised pregnancy diet, request samples and even join special Anmum pregnancy seminars!