Mindshare China

KFC strikes to be closer to the young generation in China, hence gaming is an important strategy pillar for the fast food giant. But how can KFC not only stand out, and more importantly, be genuine with our approach to gamers?

The game Onmyoji, based on Japanese ghost hunting stories, took the youth by storm in spring 2017. With KFC’s massive retail network, we brought Onmyoji fans their favorite game to real life.

We turned the 5,000 KFC stores into real “ghost-hunting” battle playgrounds for gamers. Gamers can scan key scenes in the game, and the special ‘ghosts’ would emerge in AR format. They can scan another gamer’s screen, or the table mat in KFC stores. The bigger size of the picture scanned, the bigger the AR ‘ghosts’ are.

This campaign became the biggest gaming collaboration any brand has done in China. The enthusiastic gamers players rushed to KFC stores for a chance to immerse in their favorite game. The Onmyoji game itself benefited massively from the collaboration too.

Example that with authenticity and sincerity, taking the benefits of the gamers into heart, brand gaming collaboration can be a win-win-win situations for consumers, brand and game.