Nike: Getting Reluctant Runners Running

Not everyone is born a runner, but Nike believes everyone is an athlete. However, the athlete inside each of us needs a bit of inspiration to get moving. Knowing this, Nike wanted ‘reframe the run’ to get young Reluctant Runners who represent 75% of their audience in China moving.We realized they would rather be moving in the digital worlds of eSports than in the real world.Understanding this, we partnered with Tencent Game’s Monster Hunt, one of the hottest games with an immense fanbase. Creating a Nike product story that we delivered in a tangible, AR-enabled experience, we got Reluctant Runners moving as they hunted down monsters online and offline, making running less daunting and promoting Nike’s Joyride shoe in the process.To mimic the message that the Joyride makes running easier, Nike looked for a way to make moving around in the game easier.