OMD Hong Kong

Bring the love back is a new chapter of the love story between Shogun and Tamago, two humanized character of McDonald’s shogun burger. It was about Shogun and Tamago got lost to each other upon their time travel. We wanted audiences to be part of it, so we teased their arrival with airport luggage convey bell and leveraged on social media for continual storytelling Besides, since the story is about “lost and found”, we put ourselves into Shogun shoes to look for medium that would help him find someone – and that’s how newspaper ads, flyers and community social pages come to mind. The story is amplified by popular social page, spark the vibe and prompt interactions between the brand and consumer.

Shogun (General in Japanese) burger is a seasonal burger series with 20years+ history, relaunched around Valentine’s Day yearly. Despite having an excellent word of mouth, consumers knew it too well. A new ingredient – Tamago (Egg in Japanese) was later introduced. Played around the pun, Tamago could also be a name in Japanese. So we created characters around it and the love story of Shogun and Tamago became one of the most well-known love story in Hong Kong ever since.