In a sluggish category, where archetypes of communication to women are entrenched, and brand communications drown in a sea of sameness, OMO needed to challenge its own legacy of brand marketing, with a specific goal to steal back share of mind and share of wallet. Through recognizing the multi-faceted modern Chinese women and reshaping “dirt” as an integral part of their extraordinary lives, OMO successfully stood out from the highly cluttered laundry category. The campaign changed the way our consumers see OMO from just a basic functional brand to modern and progressive brand.

The key objectives for this campaign were to:

• Reshape consumers’ perception of OMO beyond basic stain removal and improve key brand attribute score on “Believes getting dirty is part of living a full and enriched life”

• Recruit new brand users to buy OMO newly launched premium “enzyme formulated” range with hero variant on liquid format