This idea moved Lifebuoy (anti-germ hand wash brand) from short-term campaign based investments to an annual evolutionary initiative that can be adjusted according to seasonality, weather and current consumer trends. The 24/7 doctor initiative puts Lifebuoy front and centre of the anti-germ issue and provides vital solution to the most common concerns of Chinese mothers throughout a major stress period. Since launch three years ago, this is the first time Lifebuoy was able to see a significant upward trajectory in both market share and key brand attributes.

The campaign’s goals were to:

• Establish the Lifebuoy brand within the anti-germ hand wash category in China

• Increase key brand attributes “Believe Lifebuoy to be suitable for the whole family”

• Increase key brand attributes “Lifebuoy protects effectively from germs”

• Explore additional eCommerce opportunity beyond traditional retail outlets