Pure Up™ Yogurt

Within the yogurt category, there are already 3 established giants (Momchilovtsi, Ambrosial & ChunZhen), who combined, occupied more than 90% of the market with massive media budgets. These established local players not only have big budgets, but also widespread distribution networks as well, reaching consumers with ease.

How can Pure Up™, as a latecomer, go up against these giants without sizable media budgets & TVCs.

Instead of focusing on “originality” and “quality”, which were invariable claims by competitors, we found the entire yogurt category becoming homogenous and focusing on these qualities. Consumers are now taking these qualities for granted.

We instead positioned Pure Up™ as “A FEMALE PRODUCT” to “We redefined yogurt – with our healthy and high-protein-and-low-fat properties. We delivered the product message through female relevant touchpoints, such as fashion, lifestyle, celebrity and social platforms. On these platforms that usually featured make-up, clothing, and other lifestyle products, never has a yogurt taken the stage like this.