Run the world

This case shows how we leverage media to help Nike make running a bigger thing in China.

Observed that running is not exactly a spectacle sport – it does not have a single large platform where thousands of fans and come together and celebrate runners, we decided to make the city our stage.

Creating a surprising outdoor stunt building our monument to celebrate runners, we attract the city’s attention. And we decorate the entire Shanghai, huge billboards in famous landmarks, parks and subway stations featured our big launch.

All these are amplified and shared all over major entertainment and social platforms, including social media WeChat, Online video app Youku and iQiyi, short video platforms Douyin, Pear video and Xigua video, music app QQ Music, to maximize its impact, with precise targeting by leveraging Unidesk, tech giant Alibaba’s big data bank.

Our online videos got a massive 46 million views. The event received over 2 million views on livestream.
And as a result of our precision targeting, we successfully attracted 40% of inactive consumers with thousands of shoes sold just from this group.