Velvet Yuan

Velvet Yuan, 28 years old, is working as planning manager of team Nike in Mindshare. With 3-year digital experience working on Nike, she keeps pushing herself further for diversified fields, including disruptive digital takeover, innovative digital formats, livestream, gaming coop, social media and programmatic media, etc.

As a creative thinker and sensitive observer on media trends, she contributes lots of innovative ideas and dares to challenge media partners’ limits to land all the disruptive execution. When she has different opinion from client, she will defend her ideas by convincing client with numbers and consumer insight.

In 2018, she landed a few highlights for Nike Kyrie 5 launch and World Cup campaign. She integrated scan function with Wechat Mini Program to create Kyrie 5 treasure hunt, achieving 100% sales though rate in 12 hours and 40% increased wechat index on the launch date. She amplified offline football services thru Weishi from Quarter Finals of World Cup, 4600 videos and 99M video views were generated with minimal cost. She also leveraged the most advanced AR technology to create a character to present product benefit in Tencent NBA studio, which is another leading case in the industry.