VW China – T-Dance

Volkswagen’s dominance as the leading foreign auto brand in China meant it was big and well-known, but often seen as old-fashioned and not as relevant as before. Our mission was to strengthen the VW image in the minds of young, potential SUV buyers, framing VW as the car for individuals who want to express themselves. So, we challenged China to create their own “T-dances” (each VW SUV starts with a ‘T’), uploading to a short video platform. The variety of interpretations showed the vast personalities and styles of VW consumers, the buzz surrounding the campaign increasing as the dance challenges grew. The results were spectacular in scale. The videos yielded over 2.1 billion views on core video and social platforms and inspired over 2,500 users to create and upload their own videos. Further, there were 112 million visits and 9 million engagements on H5 site, succeeded in making Volkswagen part of the conversation for Chinese youth.