M16. Best Use of Live Streaming

Awarded to the campaign that has successfully combined creativity, innovation, and technology to stream an event live (including pre-recorded videos streamed live) to their audience. The entry should showcase the various technologies and platforms used to showcase and highlight the campaign and how the audience was engaged with their target audience, enhance brand awareness, and meet business objectives.

M15. Best Use of Interactive Media

Awarded to the campaign that uses any type of interactive media to improve marketing strategies and achieve its goals. This can be videos, animations, online gaming, and interactive use of text and graphics that demonstrate strong visual impact and resonate with the targeted audience to forge influential brand experiences.

M14. Best Use of Influencer

Awarded to the most effective, creative, and innovative campaign that drives the brand’s message through any type of influencer, such as KOLs/KOCs, in achieving its marketing objectives, driving engagement, and achieving success with proven results on ROI.

M13. Best Use of E-Commerce

This category recognises the campaign that delivers an e-commerce solution/strategy that drives business growth through the digital/O2O platform delivering a seamless customer experience. The innovative solution applied should demonstrate how the campaign added value and met business objectives for existing or new businesses.

M12. Best Use of Data

This category recognises the innovative and effective use of research, data planning, measurement, and analytics tools to develop a creative idea and how these shaped the marketing strategy.

M11. Best Use of Content

This award recognises the best use of content that drives the brand’s message to the audience effectively. The entry should demonstrate the effectiveness of the content and how it contributes to the overall marketing strategy while elevating brand awareness.

M10. Best Social Media Campaign

Awarded to the campaign that uses social networks and community sites most effectively and creatively to reach target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives set during the review period.

M09. Best SEO/SEM Campaign

Awarded for the best use of search marketing to create a measurable impact. Tactics could include search engine optimisation and/or paid search. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines.

M08. Best Performance Marketing

This award recognises the campaign that best demonstrates a consistent ability to translate consumer intentions into revenue for brands, the effective use of intention-based media (e.g., search, social) to deliver results; along with exceptional execution, and consistent use of measurement and attribution to measure media ROI and business impact.

M07. Best Pandemic Digital Response

Awarded for the best pandemic response campaign that was executed using innovative technology, various digital mediums, and platforms to enhance and demonstrate how the brand reacted to the crisis whilst maintaining core brand value and achieving business success.