S23. IT and Telecommunication

IT-related products and services including software, hardware, internet services, wireless communication, and information technology.

S22. Retail Store

Department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores (furniture, books, toys), outlets, and warehouses.

S20. Pet Care

Pet food, pet toys, veterinary care, pet training, and breeders.

S19. Media and Entertainment

The film, radio, print, television networks/broadcasters, arts, movies, shows, news, music, streaming, and apps.

S18. Household Products/Supplies

Household essential products and supplies such as cleaning products – dishwashing, laundry, floors, bathroom, hygiene, food care, sundries, dusting and polishing, fabric softeners, and detergents

S15. E-Sports and Gaming

All types of games, electronic/video games, online and computer games, E-sport, virtual reality, arcades, single and multiplayer board games.