S13. Food, Confectionary, and Restaurants

All types of restaurants, fast food, casual and fine dining, bakeries, snacks, ice cream, sweets & chocolates, fruits, vegetables, fresh packaged, and frozen food.

S12. Finance, Banking, and Insurance

Financial and insurance services. Banking includes services and products, credit cards, mortgages and funds, and related professional services.

S10. E-Sports and Gaming

All types of games, electronic/video games, online and computer games, E-sports, virtual reality, arcades, and single/multiplayer board games.

S08. Electronic Products

Mobile phones, smart home appliances, game consoles, beauty appliances, AR and VR devices, and sound systems.

S07. Education and Training

Educational institutions, training programmes, educational books, job-career fairs, and schools/service providers.

S06. E-commerce

B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer).

S05. Delivery Services

All types of delivery services such as food, drink, household essentials delivery, courier services, flower/gift delivery, freight, and shipping.