M12. E-Commerce

Awarded to campaign that delivers e-commerce solution / strategy that delivers seamless user’s experience. Innovative solution applied to existing or new business which enhances and adds value to meet business objectives. Demonstrate strategy to drive business growth through digital / O2O platform and customers’ experience, and localised strategy leveraging mobile applications.

M11. Integrated

This category recognizes best holistic digital campaigns that demonstrate the uses of multiple digital platforms and media channels as the key engagement driver to achieve proven results. Entries must build a complete picture by showing how the campaign played across digital channels. The strongest entries are those that showcase seamless synergy of the campaign elements on strategy, innovation/creativity, execution, and results.

M10. Data Analytics / Insight

This category recognizes the innovative and effective use of research, data planning, and measurement and analytics tools to develop the creative idea. Entries should demonstrate how the insight / data shaped the creative strategy.

M09. Digital Media Innovation

Awarded to the campaign that uses existing or newly created digital media in fresh and innovative ways to explore new channels of communication and achieve marketing success during the review period.

M08. KOL Influencer / Viral Marketing

Awarded to the campaign / brand that is most effective in engaging KOL influencer to raise brand awareness, increase in sales, a change in positioning etc. The digital content or campaign that combines creativity, engaging and targeted content or leverages consumer created content to build viral buzz and achieve proven results in relation to the objectives set.

M07. Interactive Media / Video

Entries should demonstrate how the brand leveraged videos to achieve its marketing objectives and how the originality and creativity of the marketing video demonstrated strong visual impact and resonated with the targeted audience.

This category also focuses on brands using entertaining and engaging content in the form of a game, competition or other interactive media forms such as virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

M06. Apps, Gaming

Awarded to the campaign that uses the online gaming application platform for promotion and integrated marketing, shows the strategy that can effectively and creatively reach target customers to build or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives.

M05. Social Media

Awarded to the campaign that uses social networking and community sites most effectively and creatively to reach target customers to build
or maintain their brand and market share while attaining marketing objectives set during the review period. Entries should truly make use of
social media platforms such as Weibo, TikTok or live streaming platform etc. Evidence of creativity and engagement level will be considered in the judging process.

M04. Website & Microsites

Awarded to the campaign that best uses a destination site built as a storefront for a company’s long-term business to create a measurable impact as part of an overall marketing communications strategy. You may enter either a website and a microsite that is part of the same website as long as that microsite has a separate URL that is accessible independently of the main website URL.

M03. Feeds Ads

The entries of this category should combine the creativity, orientation, and execution to effectively promote the use of feeds ads for the campaign. Feeds ads may come in a variety of forms which including but not limited to banners, page takeovers, and other rich media.