M21. Best Use of Website & Apps

Awarded to the campaign that best uses of website/APPS to deliver outstanding user experience and improve customer engagement as part of an overall marketing communications strategy.

M20. Best Use of Technology

Awarded to the campaign that successfully leveraged technology to engage the targeted audience making a positive impact. Evidence of the technology used and how you have incorporated the technological innovations to create buzz, deepen audience engagement, and enhance customer experience.

M19. Best Use of Short Video (NEW)

Awarded to the campaign that most effectively uses short video in capturing target audiences through selective platforms, resulting in high engagement, brand awareness, and data insights to help achieve ROI. Entries should show how they successfully used short videos in their campaign or strategy. Evidence may include content effectiveness, tangible results, impact, and innovative or creative thinking.

M18. Best Use of Real-Time Marketing (NEW)

Awarded to the campaign that effectively engages the target audience based on real-time information, and uses data reported to instantaneously respond and communicate with the audience to generate business results. Entries should show evidence of how time-sensitive content increases the effectiveness of brand awareness, as well as results reflecting the KPIs achieved through real-time customer engagement.

M17. Best Use of Programmatic

This award recognises the best use of programmatic that has most effectively developed and enhanced the programmatic trading performance and made the biggest impact on the brand’s business. Evidence of excellent audience targeting, insights and data analysis skills, and evidence of ROI. Client testimonials will be required as support material.

M16. Best Use of Live Streaming

Awarded to the campaign that has successfully combined creativity, innovation, and technology to stream an event live (including pre-recorded videos streamed live) to their audience. Entries should showcase the various technologies and platforms used to showcase and highlight the campaign and how the audience was engaged with their target audience, enhance brand awareness, and meet business objectives.

M15. Best Use of Interactive Media Awarded

to the campaign that uses any type of interactive media to improve marketing strategies and achieve its goals. This can be videos, animations, online gaming, and interactive use of text and graphics that demonstrate strong visual impact and resonate with the targeted audience to forge influential brand experiences.

M14. Best Use of Influencer

Awarded to the most effective, creative, and innovative campaign that drives the brand’s message through any type of influencer, such as KOL/KOC, in achieving its marketing objectives with proven results on ROI that drives engagement to achieve success.

M13. Best Use of Data

This category recognises the innovative and effective use of research, data planning, measurement, and analytics tools to develop a creative idea and how these shaped the marketing strategy.

M12. Best Use of Content

This award recognises the best use of content that drives the brand’s message to the audience effectively. Entries that demonstrate the effectiveness of the content and contribute to the overall marketing strategy that elevated brand awareness.