P06. Mobile Marketer of the Year

Awarded to the company that best demonstrates how the use of mobile marketing drove consumer awareness, ensured customer loyalty, established positive brand image in the minds of consumers, and delivered a clear message to a target audience. Judges will look at creative and relevant ideas, succinct strategy, and flawless execution with tangible results.

P05. Digital Media Innovator of the Year

Awarded to the company that demonstrates the most innovative and strategic use of media to obtain consumer insights, reach target audience, influence consumer behavior, and ensure the client or brand delivers results against the set marketing and business objectives.

P04. Digital Communications Team of the Year

The Digital Communication Award in this category honors the work and collaboration of an agency or in-house team who can make a strong case of how digital media, communication and collaboration supported their innovative, strategic and effective approach to meeting their goals in the areas such as customer service, marketing, fundraising, Public Relation, Public Affairs or internal communications. The team demonstrated their passion for all things digital, their collaboration beyond borders, timezones or timetables and savvy use of tools, monitoring and measurement that makes them stand out via social media and beyond.

P03. Digital Marketer of the Year

Individual who employs digital marketing measures throughout the customer’s lifecycle and sales strategy to provide customers with an advanced digital branding experience across all touch points. Is particularly open to the new rapidly changing trends in digital marketing and is trying to use them for their own organization. Measures the success of its digital marketing activities and continually reviews the digital strategy for optimization opportunities.

P02. Digital Strategist of the Year

Awarded to an individual who demonstrates creativity and oversee the execution of a plan through specific initiatives to meet the objectives of the strategy. The Digital Strategist will also help cross-functional teams develop and evolve ideas to bring together brand goals and objectives and consumer needs, spotting trends and technologies that play roles in consumer’s lives.

P01. Digital Disrupter of the Year (Rising Star)

Open to professionals/Rising Star who are under the age of 30 as of February 13 2019. Nominations are accepted from employers, who should include details of the nominee’s career history, their exact age and professional qualifications. Judges will look for evidence of the individual’s outstanding achievements during the eligibility period, creativity and innovation with results as well as the nominee’s ability and willingness to extend their range of skills.