1982 Sprite: A Meme Come True

The beloved “Let me have a 1982 Sprite and chill out” meme features Sprite as an affordable and effective antidote to life’s heated moments versus a $25,000 bottle of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild. This iconic social reaction, which has been re-shared repeatedly by millions across China for the past decade, was the inspiration behind the brand’s limited-edition product and supporting launch campaign.

Sprite turned the meme into reality launching 1982 Sprite with a tongue-in-cheek campaign that riffed on the codes of fine wine culture. A FIRST-EVER livestreamed auction on Douyin, offering consumers the chance to bid on the first bottles of 1982 Sprite, secured over 5 million views. As winning bids for the 1982 Sprite gift sets topped 70 times the product’s retail price, the hashtag “”would you bid on a bottle of Sprite?”” went viral on social media.