1982 Sprite: A Meme Come True

The “Let me have a 1982 Sprite to chill out” meme, positioning Sprite as an affordable and effective alternative to expensive wine as the antidote to life’s heated moments, which has been re-shared repeatedly by millions across China for the past decade, was the inspiration behind the brand’s recent limited-edition product,1982 Sprite and supporting launch campaign. Sprite’s latest brand act has been welcomed as a hilarious reaction to a staple in Chinese youth culture. This included a live auction on Douyin (TikTok), an immersive tasting experience at Chateau Sprite in grocery stores and refreshing the classic meme with the real product on World Emoji Day. The 1982 Sprite product launch drove RMB 7 million in social commerce sales in a single day and the campaign has earned over 7.4 million engagements on social media.