2020 Virtual Shell Eco-marathon

Riding on increased interest of self-improvement, new experience and empowered to act, we leverage on experts, media partnership and customized branded content to forge influential brand experiences.

Our strategy is making Virtual Shell Eco-Marathon in a more engaging and interactive vis-tech story that stands for collaboration, perseverance and innovation amongst students and category audience.

Empower Exploration
Arouse anticipation and desire to find out more about the NEW 2020 SEM by seizing “back to school” moments, pairing with experts, KOLs and comic designer to customize a simple yet engaging content for training and support.

Spark Conversation
Being first in the category to create a designated interactive social page on Weibo (Top Social Platform), create & amplify the branded content in different cultural circles with scaled distribution to drive conversation

Impact to Finale
Integrated virtual immersive event via a large scaled of live-streaming format, empowered by AR technology enhance the visual impact.