2021 LRL MEN Amino Cleanser Launch Campaign

L’Oréal Men Expert launched a new black technology product – Amino Acid Cleanser on Tmall’s Gathering Day, debuting the big idea “Hardcore Gentleman, Gentle Power”. L’Oréal Men Expert utilized “black technology” as the core element to create key visual. Hardcore technology entrepreneur and celebrity Mr. Luo Yonghao was invited to join and hosted a next-generation new launch conference which upgraded the standards to 3C technology level, breaking the circles and barriers between skincare and 3C. At the same time, the brand launched the “impossible challenge” experiment to witness the strength of new products.
To up the game, leveraging new generation rising star Xu Guanghan’s popularity, bespoke 3C style gift box and social platform top view advertisements; the concept of “Hardcore Gentleman, Gentle Power” is deeply rooted in consumers’ mind and became the new hit product in both WOM and sales wise.