Adding a Sip of Balance After China’s Meals

The non-carbonated soda water category is expanding in China. As a newcomer, Chunyue faced challenges due to a lack of first-party data and insights into consumer behaviour. To overcome these constraints, Chunyue capitalised on the reach of Douyin (Tiktok) and analysed user interactions with food and beverage content. This analysis revealed that their target audience, primarily busy white-collar workers seeking a balanced lifestyle, frequented this platform. Chunyue positioned its higher pH soda as a beverage that can provide balance after meals, crafting the tagline ‘Adding a Sip Of Balance’. By segmenting the audience and leveraging Bytedance’s technology for targeted content, Chunyue was able to generate real-time engaging digital ads, personalise experiences, and close sales loops, effectively positioning themselves as an alternative to irregular and excessive meal habits. This strategic use of data, creativity, and technology allowed Chunyue to establish its brand in the market effectively.