Bose 618 Campaign

Bose communicated messages from consumer's interests closely linked with their daily activities. For instance, Lando ( light wireless headphones with soft silicone cord) connected its product with creative and cool activities, such as street art and skateboarding. Likewise, Flex (portable speaker for outdoors activities) established its message as an energetic image to attract consumers who pursue outdoor activites, such as go picnics, surfing, camping or hiking. When every other premium brand used 618 as a tactical day to increase sales, Bose played it in a brand way to engage with their lifestyle.
3 brilliant results Bose 618 campaign achieved;
1. Bose's sales ranked No. 2 among the high-end headphone category in JD
2 Recruited more young customers as purchasers. The number of actual impression, click, CTR and landing UV were all higher than expected.
3. Total Gen Z increased by 8% in 2022, compared to 618 campaign in 2021.