Bringing New Attentions to The Pink Ribbon Campaign

For the past 29 years, this charity project has consistently dedicated to raise awareness of breast cancer prevention in Taiwan. Surprisingly over so many years, people are still ignoring or not knowing that breast cancer is preventable and should proactively check regularly. Moreover, women under 35 has 4.5x chances of getting breast cancer in Taiwan, it seems despite being one of the most advocated cancers globally, there are still more we could do. Our attempt was to grow people attention by elevating their experiences. Throughout the campaign, having an "actual" reason to use NFT, really played a vital role to spark up at every stage to achieve our goal. Our NFTs are not just memorabilia; they are redeemable at the Estée Lauder Companies brands' stores for goods and services. Utilizing new techniques in modern marketing era can quickly connect with our ideal targets and produce more diversified media release.