Brotherhood Awakening in Chongqing

Chongqing Beer, as a homegrown brand. It seems to be losing traction with the younger generation. We need to reconnect with them. Chongqing is a social hot spot for young people. Locals are famous for their hundreds years old "Pier Culture", in modern words, it is brotherhood "Jianghu". Visitors are welcomed with Chongqing-er's hotblooded hospitable "Jianghu" brotherhood. We want to borrow the passion of visiting young drinkers and wake up the brotherhood, awakening local pride! Drinks, food, and music are the golden triangle of brotherhood gatherings. We worked with homegrown rapper Yanqi Zhang, creating a song "Brother up! Drink up in Jianghu". Then launched a "Chongqing Jianghu Club" local dining experience. In the big night, we gathered hosts and visitors together with restaurant groups at the Raffles City, with Yanqi Zhang performing. Campaign was a success with tangible brand uplift amongst young drinkers not just locally but in the region!