Bugger Off Copycats

“As a world-recognized liquor brand, Jägermeister earned fame with its signature green glass bottle and stag logo. However, as the brand rose to fame, Chinese copy-cat brands began to emerge, taking on the identity of Jäger imitating the product’s iconic traits–misleading its consumers and ultimately stealing sales. Consumers were mistaking the knock offs as THE Jägermeister.
Jägermeister overcame this market challenge with the launch of the campaign–Bugger off Copycats, by humanizing the challenge through a collaboration and alternative use of Celebrity Lidan–who also was “victim” of impersonations. Iconic for his highly distinguished appearance and personality, we sourced multiple Lidan’s across China and consumers with similar physical traits–under comparison, we left the consumers with one message–just like Jägermeister, there is only one Lidan.
With this campaign, Jägermeister won back its market share with a 30% sales increase as well as reinstating the brand in consumer’s mindsets.”