Castrol: Protect the Protector

As a low frequency, low involvement category, Castrol needed to find a way to connect to its target audience, males aged 25-45, and meet its sales target for its newly launched MAGNETEC car oil lubricant product, which is promoted as the ultimate protector for cars.

To do this, Castrol wanted to tap into its image as a protector and set out to ‘protect our protectors’, namely its target audience, who also serve as family guardians. Realising that during the busy day of a family guardian, a GPS is one of their most frequently used tools, Castrol partnered with Baidu Maps, China’s most popular navigation app, to develop the industry’s first brand voice collaboration that allowed family members to harness the power of AI to record their voices and leave personalized safety messages within Baidu Maps for their family guardians, keeping their guardians safe and accompanied during their day.