Celebrating Love & Beauty on 5.20 with Kérastase

KÉRASTASE HK, our client, sought to expand its customer base and increase awareness of its brand offerings. With online Chinese Valentine’s Day (“5.20”) around the corner, we developed an O2O2O campaign that seamlessly guided its customers from the e-shop to salons/boutiques and back again—timed to capitalize on the gift-buying frenzy to enhance its brand image and drive sales. The reopening of the China-HK border in February 2023 further enhanced the significance of this “5.20”, attracting GBA tourists for the first time in three years.

The campaign employed a 360° customer lifecycle approach, incorporating sample and voucher marketing to connect KÉRASTASE HK’s e-shop, POS locations, and affiliated salons for a complete brand experience. This strategy not only demonstrated the brand’s expertise in science-backed haircare products but also successfully exceeded its objectives for sales revenue and customer acquisition.