City Canvas

‘City Canvas’ is about using arts to shift the perception of Hong Kong, from a commercial art center to a city that genuinely nurtures artists and artistic communities.

Art culture cannot be faked, it’s built step-by-step by artists themselves. Instead of ads, we supported artists in coming together, positioning Hong Kong as a city that welcomes and cultivates artistic collaboration.

We created four co-masterpieces by collaborating local and international artists. To ensure our message resonates, we transformed the city into a canvas, curating unique art experiences and walking tours near art happenings with the co-masterpieces or artists’ unique design styles. Each touchpoint led to a local art guide, encouraging exploration and deepening understanding of our art scene.

‘City Canvas’ surpassed previous campaigns’ metrics, with the local art guide receiving a record-breaking 12 million views. Qualitative feedback further indicates a positive shift in the perception of arts in Hong Kong.