City Canvas

‘City Canvas’ uses arts to shift perception of HK, from a commercial art center to a city that genuinely nurtures artists and artistic communities.

Art culture cannot be faked, it’s built step-by-step by artists themselves. Instead of ads, we supported artists in coming together, positioning HK as a city that welcomes and cultivates artistic collaboration.

With our ‘artists attract artists’ strategy, we fostered collaborations between local and international artists to create four co-masterpieces. By merging these viewpoints, a fresh understanding of arts in HK emerges.

To influence more art enthusiasts, we created unique art experiences that amplify the new perspectives we created through the co-masterpieces. We then created OOH featuring the artists’ design styles to form a walking tour nearby art happenings throughout Hong Kong. Each touchpoint led to a local art guide, curated with the artists, encouraging exploration and deepening understanding of our art scene.