Clear’s KPL Player Cards Launch

In 2022, Clear entered its 4th year sponsoring China's #1 mobile eSports, King Pro League. Over the years it had established itself as part of the broadcast but faced fresh challenges. It needed to refresh its presence, drive sales on a new eCommerce platform (Pinduoduo) and do it all while China locked down due to a resurgence in COVID-19 cases.

By going back to the fans and analysing their behaviour, Clear tapped into "collector culture" by developing KPL's first Clear Player Cards. Available exclusively through Pinduoduo, the cards sold out in just four days, with second-hand packs popping up online for RMB 200-300. Featuring their favourite players, Clear Player Cards helped the brand become the #1 FMCG brand on Pinduoduo during the activity, effectively tremendous sales in just one week.