Coke Gives China’s Icons a Refreshing Break

Coca-Cola wanted young people to grab an ice-cold Coke whenever they needed to refresh and recharge. Facing stiff competition from coffee, energy drinks, sweetened tea, and other beverages, the brand needed to build an instant association between Coke’s energizing refreshment and uplifting breaks in young people’s minds.

So, Coca-Cola gave China’s famous digital and physical icons a much-needed refreshing Coke break in FIRST-EVER activations that surprised and delighted consumers during their own afternoon breaktimes. The Weibo eye logo, Chengdu’s panda statue and Shanghai’s Wukang building came to life with a sip of Coke’s refreshment! These innovative activations, designed around young consumers’ break time behaviors with seamless links from stunts to sales, got people buzzing on social media and reaching for a Coke during break times. Coca-Cola significantly increased its brand health metrics and grew market share during the competitive summer season.