Corona Sunset Insurance

For years, Corona has been telling people where there's Corona, there's a sunset. However, Sunsets are so unpredictable that we never know if we can enjoy them as planned.

Corona launched the first-ever "Corona Sunset Insurance". Collaborating with top travel platform, Qu Na'er, during this National holiday, for every consumer that goes to the beach, Corona provides you with sunset insurance.

With this insurance, if you haven't enjoyed a sunset during the vacation, we provide not only the flight changing service but also "Sunset Insurance Actuaries" service. Our contracted local actuaries take you to breathtaking sunsets beyond your imagination.

By offering this creative sunset insurance service, Corona has achieved over 116.8 million impressions, generated unprecedented social buzz with 12.8 million engagements and brand power increased by +18%, reaching a historical high. More importantly, 2612 people who could have missed a sunset, enjoyed ultimate relaxation.