csl. 5G x MIRROR-Experience the World Differently

“Hong Kong saw the commercial launch of 5G services last year, yet 5G adoption was still in its infancy. While competitors engaged heavily in meaningless price wars, csl, being the pioneering leader in Hong Kong’s telecom industry, understood that the right content and technology was needed to accelerate adoption of 5G.

csl teamed up with the latest boy band sensation, MIRROR, to lead the city to “Experience the World Differently” through breakthrough AR technology. After releasing multiple MIRROR collectibles and staging AR events during the initial campaign launch, csl further collaborated with advertiser leader POAD, to present Hong Kong’s largest scale MIRROR AR outdoor experience. Together, we launched the market’s first advertising platform powered by csl. 5G Lens app, opening endless O2O advertising possibilities and enabling a new B2B business ecosystem to drive revenue growth and wider 5G penetration.”