Cuixiangmi’s Invitation to Parent-Child Bedtime Bonding Fun

Cuixiangmi, renowned for parent-child bonding moments through snacks, faced a challenge as modern lifestyles reduced quality time between Chinese parents and children. To safeguard its brand proposition and drive future sales, Cuixiangmi tapped into bedtime audio APP consumption as bedtime emerging as a pivotal opportunity for parent-kid bonding moment.

Partnering with Ximalaya, China’s leading audio mobile APP, Cuixiangmi co-created bedtime story lists for families around the popular “Journey to the West” series. Cuixiangmi leveraged this content by integrating it into branded playlists and increasing brand visibility on the Ximalaya app through ads and a dedicated brand zone. Additionally, they featured animated characters from the stories on their packaging and incentivised purchases with premium audio content subscriptions, effectively linking product consumption to bedtime bonding experiences. This strategy led to a significant increase in brand engagement, with 5.81 million more views and listens, an overall 29% brand growth surpassing business objectives.