The brand value of Coca-cola is connected with the local culture, which enhances consumers’ preference for Coca-cola’s brand and transforms it into actual sales.

Beverages are products of low involvement. If you want to capture the hearts of consumers, you must find what they care about.

“Where I come from?” is the most empathy-triggered topic of any generation. Therefore, Coca-cola has launched 10 can-body designs to represent the cultural characters of different cities in Taiwan.

10 characters have been created and printed on Coca-Cola CAN bodies and a rap song, websites, and social media have been used creatively to ignite discussion and win recognition from citizens.

After the launch of the “Coca-cola Taiwan City Pack”, business sales have grown significantly. Compared with the same period last year, the performance of the 2020 supermarket channel has grown by 79% in a single month.