Dove: 100 Girls, 100 Kinds of Beauty

Dove stands for Real Beauty and for years has celebrated beauty in its many forms across China. But in 2022, Dove found that modern life and digital culture had created a new barrier to authentic beauty: camera filters. Integrated into the apps she most often uses, filters were warping the culture of beauty and creating a toxic 'filter cycle': She saw other filtered photos which triggered anxiety, filtered her own to fit expectations, and shared filtered photos that others then saw.

To release appearance anxiety, Dove partnered with the hit show "100 Girls Journey Home" and launched the "100 Girls, 100 Kinds of Beauty" campaign. By using celebrities and other influencers to tell unfiltered beauty stories, we started a mass conversation, inviting other women to post their stories online too. Dove then took these stories and women, transforming them into an offline exhibition "My Beauty, My say" of unfiltered beauty.