Duration Is Not Everything

GM Ultium Electronic Vehicle (EV) platform is a game-changing battery innovation. Our mission is to lay a strong foundation for GM's EV models coming by 2025. We also need to focus consumer attention on technology ahead of brands. Shifting the focal point from external brand drivers to the internal, game-changing Ultium platform is key. We looked for content partnerships with light-hearted content, with a length where Ultium to be under the spotlight. The Super Sketch Show is a talk show that we chose to unfolds Ultium's multi-dimensional benefits. In the show, we talked about Ultium from different angles, as a strong vehicle manufacturer, also as a technology reformer. More short videos and social content were generated, leaving sustainable content for future car buyers to discover in future.

We have successfully put spotlight on the game-changing Ultium for GM's models now and years to come!