Estee Lauder Pink Ribbon Campaign

Every year Estée Lauder Companies Taiwan promote the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer campaign through physical activities. Due to COVID-19 there no physical event can be held, so we took the event online. The biggest challenge was to get people “notice” and “feel” the event and create an immersive environment that truly communicate the importance of breast cancer awareness virtually.

Through a combination of livestream charity concert, social media interaction and virtual platform, we successfully created a magical virtual event experience which turned interest and knowledge into donation. We generated 47% more participants with an average of 3.6x per visitor which is 80% higher than our KPI (based on our previous experience running a virtual platform). The bounce rate was merely 0.39% which showed an extremely high interest and relevancy from our visitors. As a result, we achieved a +680% of fund-raising vs. last year.