From Battle to Bottle: Clear’s eSports Breakthrough

“Clear has long used sport sponsorship to connect with its male target audience. The brand’s link to sport has been reinforced by years of presence around China’s key sporting properties. However, the male personal care category has become increasingly competitive in recent years as more brands battle for a share of China’s massive male grooming market.

To drive the category expansion to deliver brand growth in 2021, Clear needed to find an innovative way to reach their young male target audience. So it partnered with King Pro League (KPL), China’s top 1 eSports league to facilitate eCommerce conversion. Our strategy had three components to maximise the potential of our sponsorship with KPL in China. By successfully tapping into eSports dynamics and bringing them to life in our marketing strategies, Clear emerged victorious in the eCommerce battle with elevated purchase conversion rate and target audience affinity.”