Helena Rubinstein: Leveraging Programmatic DOOH in Hong Kong

There is fierce competition in the beauty industry in Hong Kong with beauty marketers laser focused on digital advertising and its measurability. Agencies are trying to encourage more traditional clients to reallocate budget to data-driven channels to drive efficiency and precision.

For the L’Oréal Helena Rubinstein brand, the story was no different. Its agency set out to show why the power of digital out of home (DOOH) could put their brand ahead of its competition.

There was a tight timeline and high production costs for launching the ad across traditional OOH so to solve this challenge, the agency proposed a programmatic approach to ensure its client could activate the campaign with speed and efficiency on DOOH screens. In order to drive and measure footfall traffic into its physical stores in Hong Kong, screens within close proximity of these points of interest (POI) were selected. The results were eye-opening.